Ruby Marine,
Serving Remote Alaska

With Ruby Marine, you’re not just getting a barge service; you’re gaining a reliable partner committed to serving Alaska’s remote communities and contractors with unwavering dedication.

Ruby Marine was incorporated in 2006 to provide regularly scheduled barge service to the communities and contractors along the Yukon, Koyukuk, and Innoko rivers and their tributaries. Our services include bulk fuel deliveries to tank farms and the shipment of freight of all kinds, large or small, from a dog sled to a D9 Cat.

We make one trip per season to Hughes, Allakaket, and Nunam Iqua, two runs annually to Fort Yukon, Huslia, and Shageluk, and three trips from Nenana to Alakanuk or Emmonak and all villages between. In addition, we make numerous trips from Nenana to the middle Yukon, and can tailor our runs to meet the demand of contractors and residents. We will stop at any village, camp, or mine along the river systems if the freight or fuel needs warrant it, and are happy to discuss any request for service.

Our tugs and barges typically run the rivers from Mid May until early October, with the season’s length dictated by the weather and ice. Every year is a little different, and water levels during the season also impact our efficiency. The best advice we can give about shipping with Ruby Marine is to arrange your freight shipment or fuel order as early as possible, keep our office informed of any requirements or special needs or any changes to the orders, and remain flexible.

When you choose Ruby Marine, you’re choosing the highest level of customer service and accountability. We’re here to ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time, every time.